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Mailtrap Alternatives – Email Sandbox Account

SMTP Sandbox

Explore alternatives to Mailtrap SMTP sandbox accounts such as and MailHog.

These tools can help you to test emails from your staging or production server by SMTP sandbox account. MailMug is a production-ready tool. We can start testing by creating an account with a few clicks. But MailHog is an open-source tool. We need to install MailHog in our system.

Mailtrap Alternative – Sandbox Account

Unlock the benefits of a free MailMug sandbox account and seamlessly integrate it with your software. Simply navigate to the Settings page on Mailtrap, copy the credentials, and paste them into your software’s SMTP configuration.

How to Analyze Email Content From MailMug?

Send emails from your software. Then it will automatically capture SMTP traffic from staging and dev environments. You can analyze email body, header, etc. You can see the email body HTML code from HTML / HTML source tab.

How to check email header details?

Navigate to the Info tab then you can see the complete header details.


Mailtrap Alternative – MailHog

MailHog is open source (MIT license) mailtrap alternative. It is built with the Go programming language. MailHog runs without installation on multiple platforms.

How To Install MailHog?


bashbrew update && brew install mailhog

Go >= v1.17 (Debian Bookworm)

sudo apt-get -y install golang-go
go install
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